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Fundamentals of Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer
ISBN NO : 978-93-85502-18-7
Pages : 110
Paper Type : Paperback
Price INR : 450
Price USD : 29.99
The book ‘Fundamentals of Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer’ has come into the hands of students at a time when head and neck cancers are increasing at a frighteningly alarming rate. Medical and dental professionals have to work hand in hand for efficient overall care of  head and neck cancer patients.
This book deals with dental rehabilitation and how to manage the most dreaded complication osteoradionecrosis. It is well structured  and designed to meet the academic requirements adequately. It will definitely help to understand  the basic concepts of radiotherapy as well as dental considerations which are essential for the effective delivery of comprehensive care. It can also serve as a quick reference for students of both medical and dental fields as well as practicing doctors.