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Farming For the Future-Smart Agriculture Innovations
ISBN NO : 978-9392597886
Pages : 338
Paper Type : Hardbound
Price INR : 2495
Price USD : 59.99

The book ‘Farming for the Future: Smart Agriculture Innovation’ is a testament to the profound transformations occurring within the agricultural sector. This book takes you on a journey through the dynamic world of agriculture advancement, revealing how innovation and technology are revolutionizing the way we grow, harvest, and process food. It explores the intersection of
traditional wisdom and innovative science, presenting a comprehensive view of the opportunities and challenges facing farmers and the broader agricultural community in this rapidly evolving landscape. Today, more than ever, we face the urgent need to produce more food with fewer resources while minimizing environmental impact. Smart agriculture, with its blend of data-driven decision-making, precision farming techniques, and sustainable practices, is not just a concept but a compelling solution to these complex challenges. From the application of artificial intelligence to the integration of big data analytics and climate-smart practices, this bunch of chapters showcases the innovations
that are redefining the way we farm. This book delves into the incredible potential of vertical farming to reduce water usage and increase crop yields in urban areas, explores the role of blockchain technology in enhancing transparency and traceability in the supply chain, and examines the impact
of climate-resilient crop varieties on food security. The book is written with the hope of providing you with knowledge and inspiration but also igniting a sense of urgency and purpose. The future of agriculture hinges not solely on what we grow but on how we grow it. Within these pages, you will uncover the incredible potential for a future that is characterized by greater sustainability,
resilience, and prosperity, all through the lens of smart agriculture.