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Practice Of Cardiology With Current Diagnostic and Therapeutic Interventions A Comprehensive Review of Cardiovascular Medicine (2 Volume Set)
ISBN NO : 9789392597756
Pages : 2274
Paper Type : Hardbound
Price INR : 16500
Price USD : 450

This book gives the comprehensive details of both non-invasive and invasive techniques not only for confirming the diagnosis but also depicts various catheter based methods in the management of heart problems. Such as newer mapping techniques in cardiac arrhythmias, coronary angioplasty, Transcatheter Occlusive Devices. In Congenital heart defects, Percutaneous technique in management of valvular heart defects with implantation of artificial AV valves and repairs, Technique of pericardiocentesis, artificial permanent cardiac pacemaker therapy and Trans-Telephonic Electro-cardiographic Monitoring (TTEM). This manuscript besides, the above said techniques, also lucidly describes the other set of invasive and non-invasive investigations such as widely practised technique of coronary and pulmonary angiography, Intracardiac Electrophysiology Study (EPS).For the last one decade or so, there have been tremendous advances in the field of investigative and minimal invasive cardiology and through this book, one may find the review of the latest emerging techniques of cardiac MRI and nuclear imaging, PET and SPECT in cardiovascular molecular imaging, Catheter-Based technique in Stem Cell Transplantation in heart Disease and Robotic technique in the management of heart diseases. Currently approved techniques in the management of chronic refractory angina pectoris and heart failure have been also reviewed . This book with its present ingredients and format will be of immense help to the practising physicians /clinical and interventional cardiologists, cardiac fellows, post graduate students of both internal medicine and cardiology and act as treasure house of knowledge in investigative technologies. It would also enhance the comprehensive knowledge among the laboratory technicians and nursing graduate and post graduate medical students who may finally choose the classified subspecialities in the field of cardiovascular medicine.