Renu Publishers

About Us
Renu Publishers is a leading publishers of Journals, Printed and Online Books and magazine. RP Provides publishing services for Peer-Reviewed Journals on behalf of estemeed societies and Association. RP operates its Journal on Open-Access Model of publishing services provided unlimited access to peer-reviewed scholarly research. 
RP publishes more than 100 Books in the field of Agriculture, Medicine,Education, Engineering and Social Sciences. Renu Publisheres develop there Online portal for E Books where more than 50 libraries through the country are associated with their subscribed content. 
Renu Publishers uses a Online manuscript Submission and Peer Review System ( finds it a one stop solution for Online manuscript handling, Reviewer Panel, Editor Panel and Submission panel for the authors.
Each Journal has its own dedicated website with all the updated information so that researchers working on that area can discover their content easily;All the Journals are open access and our content reaches thousands of page downloads per month.  We offer widespread unlimited free submission, Processing and Publishing of Articles.
Renu Publishers works with complete transparency.